Day 23 – A Time to Reflect.

23:53 December 9th, 2016. I have passed the three week mark and since then I took a moment today to reflect on how far I have come. It has not been easy, in contrast it has been very difficult. And if you’re looking for some words of wisdom here they are. A list of some things that might help you make it through this horrible journey – AKA – AdderHELL.

  1. When nothing in the entire world makes you feel good anymore and you just can’t seem to get in a good mood then think about whatever man or woman in this world turns you on and masturbate until you cum. Then do it again. You WILL feel better. No need to be shy here.
  2. Think about what you have accomplished so far. Reflect. Think about how far you have come. It WILL get better even though it feels like it is impossible to see things that way.
  3. Exercise! yes, I said it again. Do it. You will feel better.

“Shed your light on me
Be my eyes when I can’t see
Shed your light on me
Be my guide so I can see
The bigger picture”

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