Day 21 – Three Weeks and 11,434 Steps Later.

18:33 December 6th, 2016. I’ve arrived at the three week mark. Looking back I feel that the first week was the worst, then the second week wasn’t so bad, and maybe it is due to being more physically active. During this last week, being the third week, I began to feel lazy like I did during the first week. I also stopped exercising for nearly a week. With that being said, I got back on the treadmill today and ran 11,434 steps.

I need to get back in the habit of exercising. I was doing so damn good and now I have become a slacker. No way! This is not acceptable. No excuses. The next goal is to achieve 4 weeks/1 month off of Adderall. I feel sluggish and my mind feels dull. The fog of AdderHELL is thick.




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