Day 20 – 但我有力量.

20:36 December 5th, 2016. I’ve become lazy. Barely even able to think. It’s a miracle that I still have enough brainpower to breathe and eat. I don’t feel depressed, angry, or moody. I guess I am lucky that I have gotten through all of those symptoms that seem to have plagued me during the first week of withdrawals. Instead, I just feel incredibly lazy. I feel positive and I am in a good mood, but I am unable to muster up the energy to move and get things done.

Games for mobile phones are the work of the devil. They are so easy to get sucked into all the while pulling me away from other more important things that I should be devoting my time to. But I’ll be honest, today was just one of those days where I knew that I wasn’t going to get much done. I was in a lazy mental state since I woke up this morning. Even after drinking a pot and a half of coffee I was unable to get energized.

I flat-out surrendered to the god of lazy asses. However, I can be happy that I have made it this far. Tomorrow will mark the end of week three. That in itself is a small victory. A month will be cool, and completing three months will be amazing. I look forward to the day that my “ordinary” level of mental fortitude returns. Until then, I must keep pushing. And time to get serious again with exercise. Yes, I became a lazy fuck for the last week. I slacked. I admit it. But I still did not take any Adderall, I suppose it is rather difficult to do when I don’t have any. But hey, no Adderall is no Adderall!




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