Day 11 – 10,566 Steps.

23:46 November 26th, 2016. Just finished running 10,566 steps on the treadmill in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and wrapped up a 45 minute 25lb kettle bell workout yesterday. I am working on getting in shape both physically and mentally.

Felt like a lazy bum for most of the day. In the late evening hours I realized that this was not the way that life was meant to be lived. No excuses. So I got my lazy ass up and eventually made it onto the treadmill in the small gym that I recently assembled. Remember the large rubber mat that I ordered from Amazon? Yes, I was not bullshitting you. AdderHELL sucks but I will prevail.

What make you think everything is this world that you have can be taken away?
In a world this day, it’s kill or be killed. I live each day like it might be my last.
In this lifetime few things are worth fighting for. My Blood, Your Honor. Everyone has a destiny.
I’ll choose my own! I will not be a victim.


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