Day 10 – Normal is Not Normal.

16:50 November 25th, 2016. The conquest continues. My journey through AdderHELL seems to get easier with each passing day. Although my brain still seems to be only functioning at 40%. And even that might be pushing it a bit. Either way I still have enough brain cells to grasp firmly and swing a 25lb kettle bell.

Conquering Adderall is nothing more than a game of mind over matter. It brings back memories of when I quit smoking. In August, 2004 I had been in the country of Kuwait for about 3 months. It was hot as fuck and that’s putting it lightly. It got to the point where a Marlboro Red just didn’t seem appealing when it was 120*F outside. Eventually I decided to quit. I gave all of my cigarettes that I had to other people that smoked, I told my coworkers to watch me for the next week or two to make sure that I didn’t smoke, and I went as far as telling them that I would throw a pizza party for everyone if I was caught smoking.

I recall the first week being difficult, full of headaches, and being easily irritated. However, by week two it was much easier and once I was in week three I was in the clear. Easy. But the hard part was dealing with the newfound sense of taste. It was if my tongue had some protective coating covering it while I smoked and once I stopped I could suddenly taste again. Food tasted fucking wonderful!

In any case, I digress. Quitting smoking reminds me in ways of what I am going through now. Except that now I understand the process of what is happening and I am trying to fight back against it using healthy tactics.

Exercise. Sweat. Motherfucker. Sweat. No room for slackers, miscreants, or lazy fucks.

And there is definitely no place in AdderHELL for excuses.

Let’s do this.

In our life there is “if”
In our beliefs there is “lie”
In our business there is “sin”
In our bodies there is “die”

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