Day 6 – Fuck Adderall and the Horse it Rode in On.

12:22 November 21st, 2016. I woke up today after getting 7 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep and I felt fucking awesome. I felt no mental fogginess, nor did I feel an overwhelming desire to stay in bed to retreat from Adderall withdrawal in my placid fortress of slumber.

Instead I felt mental clarity and physical alertness the exact moment my alarm went off and I opened my eyes. I opened my eyes ready to conquer and take on a new day. This was a strange yet familiar feeling of who I was pre-Adderall. I missed this feeling. It was also a reminder that Adderall’s days are numbered. Yes, numbered. As in, get the fuck out of my body.

The picture shown above is nothing other than the very place that Adderall will be destroyed. Tomorrow my home gym will be setup, very basic, but it has everything I need to get the job done at this point. A treadmill, exercise bike, 25 lb kettle bell, a set of push-up bars, and one very determined motherfucker.

And so I continue to walk this long and tumultuous road through the fires of AdderHELL.

I know that I am not alone, and as such I hope that my words will resonate and give others fighting this fight the energy and inspiration that they need to overcome Adderall addiction.

Being baptized and reborn in the fires of Adderall withdrawal recovery one immolation at a time.

Let’s do this.

“If music is
A mirror revealing
The depths of my heart
Then I will write
The darkest song
For without
My soul is lost”

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