Day 4 – Drained, Spent, Determined, Intent.

15:39 November 19th, 2016. Hating the world today. Last night I sucked it up and pushed myself to do a 45 minute workout with a 25lb kettle bell. Today it feels as if every muscle in my body is sore. It is painful to move. But I feel that it is progress. It is a distraction from the absent-mindedness that has overcome my thought process as I continue to make my way through the recovery process.

I’ve noticed that it is much easier to become angry and frustrated while going through this process compared to when I was taking Adderall. I suppose it is my body’s way of saying that it really was used to taking it and now it still wants it, expects it, demands it. But that will no longer happen and as such I expect this feeling to be present until the withdrawal symptoms begin to go away.

Now you’ve earned the right to be heard

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