Day 3 – Insatiable Hunger.

11:56 November 18th, 2016. To say that I feel hungry is an understatement. Holy shit, I feel like the only thing that I can think about is eating. Well, with the exception of wanting to lay down anywhere I can a flat surface.

Adderall, what a deceptive little bitch you have been! When we started life was great, everything was possible, and now this unforeseen act of betrayal has left me grasping for an anchor to keep me stable.

I have found solace in sleep. It has become my shelter from the withdrawal symptoms. Prior to dozing off into my sleepy hideaway last night I had planned to get up early this morning, get dressed in the warmest outdoor clothes suitable for running that I had, and hit the road. That plan was shot to hell when I heard the sound of rain outside of my window. Damn the luck.

What’s more, the exercise mat that I mentioned in an earlier post will not be arriving until next Tuesday! Oh man, at the rate I am going I will end up consuming my entire fridge by then. Thank goodness I don’t live in a gingerbread house or I would eat the floor, roof, and possibly everything else save for the toilet.

I just glanced up at a window and yes it is still spattered with small drops of water. The rain is still here, I am still lazy, and I’m wondering how long it will take to push through this “stage” of AdderHELL.

A crowd is easy to deceive
But now I am a patient on the table
I’ll give you the knife
Cut away as you see fit
Just promise me the patience
To wait for me to heal
I’m caught between the feeling
Of being pulled apart
Or stuffed into a cell

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