Day 2 – Coffee, my Savior.

16:21 November 17th, 2016. I have arrived at day 2 on the brutal and bumpy road of recovery. I woke up this morning after getting 7 hours of sleep and I could barely move my body out of bed. I felt like I had just finished running a marathon and the mere thought of even trying to move was enough to make me want to admit defeat and lay in bed for another hour. Not today. I woke up and ate breakfast and then I went back to bed. Not exactly what I had in mind but this is turning out to be difficult, to say the least. Excuses, there can be none.

Excuses are the easy way out. Nothing good in life ever came easily.

I’ve rediscovered my love for coffee with a vengeance not seen since the days of Smeagol lusting for the ring. Adderall can have that effect on someone, except it doesn’t allow you to turn invisible, in contrast you become larger than life. I have a 1lb bag of maple bacon flavored coffee currently in the mail and on the way to my front doorstep. I wonder if there is a formula to convert the energy that caffeine gives to a person to the amount of electrical power it would take to run something. Energy is measured in Joules. Power is measured in Watts. Days off of Adderall are measured in swear words and cups of coffee.

Tomorrow I have a 3/8″ x 4′ x 10′ rubber exercise mat headed my way from good buddies at This mat will be going in my basement on top of some thick carpet. This particular section of my house will soon be transformed into a small home gym with a treadmill (currently sitting in my garage), a 25lb kettle bell (currently sitting on the floor of my office, staring at me, daring me to lift it), and two push up bars (sitting next to the kettle bell, wondering when my sorry ass will start using them again).

The mat will arrive tomorrow. And then the pain will begin. Suck it up, this is life in Adderhell. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Let’s do this.

I am hell to thee
Down here all shall suffer with me
Die purified
Rise the ashes to the sky


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